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I don’t like doing the work of others for free.

The thing most loathsome and unsatisfactory about them is that while they don’t like when we “spoke spoke spoke spoke” they do all of the time. They just can’t help themselves. They are predators.

I’m not getting into the “” I am satisfied with what I’ve already exposed.

I have been writing to make myself well from what the sickening ones do for their money. I’m not going to let them make me sick again.

Senior, Sample Cutiepie while you go to hell.

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1 dead, others hurt in shooting at Seattle Pacific University before student tackles gunman

One student is dead and at least two others were wounded in a shooting Thursday afternoon at Seattle Pacific University.

Seattle Times staff


Authorities respond to a shooting that occurred on campus at Seattle Pacific University in Seattle on Thursday. One person is dead and at least two others are wounded.
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DEAN RUTZ / The Seattle Times

Authorities respond to a shooting that occurred on campus at Seattle Pacific University in Seattle on Thursday. One person is dead and at least two others are wounded.

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Play video: SPU school shooting witness Blake Oliveira
SPU school shooting witness Blake Oliveira

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Play video: SPU shooting: Reader boards kept students informed
SPU shooting: Reader boards kept students informed

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Play video: SPU shooting: Students came to female victim’s aid
SPU shooting: Students came to female victim’s aid

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Play video: SPD’s initial address to media after SPU shooting
SPD’s initial address to media after SPU shooting

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Play video: SPU President Dr. Dan Martin comments on school shooting
SPU President Dr. Dan Martin comments on school shooting

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About Seattle Pacific University
Previous mass shootings in Washington state
Photos: Shooting on Seattle Pacific University campus

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Fortunately, SPU is a gun free zone, so this wasn’t allowed to happen and won’t be allowed to happen again. (June 5, 2014) MORE

And how was the shooter subdued? By a student building monitor WITHOUT A GUN. And a little pepper spray. (June 5, 2014) MORE

” can’t wait to vote for Initiative 594, “Universal Background Checks for Gun Purchases” Can you name one mass… (June 5, 2014) MORE

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A gunman killed one student and wounded at least two others inside a hall at Seattle Pacific University Thursday afternoon, unleashing a wave of terror as the school went into lockdown and students scrambled for cover.

One of the victims, a young man who was taken in critical conditon to Harborview Medical Center, was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Another, a 20-year-old woman, was in critical condition and in surgery. Two others, men ages 22 and 24, were in satisfactory condition, one with gunshot wounds and the other, who was not shot, suffered injuries that weren’t immediately described.

Two other people were reported to be hurt, although the nature of their injuries was not known, and they were not taken to Harborview.

Seattle police arrested the gunman, described as a young man armed with a shotgun and handgun. Police said the gunman walked into the foyer of Otto Miller Hall shortly before 3:30 p.m. and shot three people.

Seattle police Capt. Chris Fowler said a student, who is a building monitor, subdued the gunman as he stopped to reload.

Other students then helped hold the man down until police arrived, Fowler said.

At some point, police said, someone pepper-sprayed the gunman.

A search for a possible second suspect kept medics from getting to injured people inside, said Seattle Fire Department spokesman Kyle Moore.

But police later said there was only one suspect, who was believed to have been driving a white Chevrolet S-10 pickup, parked on the northwest corner outside Otto Miller Hall.

“It was super-terrifying,” SPU sophomore Kharis Lund said of the fear and uncertainty that swept through the campus. “There were a lot of people crying and calling their parents.”

“A day of tragedy and loss”

The shooting occurred on the second-to-last day of classes at the Free Methodist school on north end of Queen Anne Hill, where there are 4,000 undergraduate and graduate students. A prayer service was being held at 7 p.m. Thursday at the campus church.

At the scene, a somber Mayor Ed Murray said: “Today should have been a day of celebration at the end of the school year here at Seattle Pacific University. Instead, it’s a day of tragedy and of loss. Once again, the epidemic of gun violence has come to Seattle, an epidemic of gun violence that has haunted this nation.”

He thanked first responders, students and staff.

“Friends, we have been here before: Café Racer, the shootings on Capitol Hill, the shootings at the Jewish Federation,” Murray said. “This is a tragic moment for Seattle, a tragic moment for America once again. Our prayers and our thoughts are with the families, and with the entire family of the Seattle Pacific University community.”

SPU President Daniel J. Martin said the emergency-response system that was activated when the shooting occurred has been in operation for several years.

“Certainly, I think that Virginia Tech heightened the awareness of all campuses to be prepared for an event like this to occur,” he said of the 2007 shooting in which a gunman killed 32 people before taking his own life.

Martin said that students and faculty members have drills in case a shooting occurs, and cited those drills as one reason the shooter was apprehended and first responders arrived so quickly.

The students who helped apprehend the suspect “acted without regard to their own safety on behalf of others,” Martin said near the Otto Miller building.

“We are a community and we care for others,” Martin said. “Those that were involved did just that.”

Classes were canceled for the rest of Thursday evening, and officials were working to determine the plan for Friday, Martin said.

“Lockdown” in red letters

SPU students inside and near Otto Miller Hall heard the first blasts.

Ronald E. Lopez was studying in a second-floor laboratory at the hall when he heard what he described as “a loud bang.”

“I prayed in my heart it wasn’t a gunshot, because I’ve been hearing all this talk about gun shootings and I’m tired of it,” Lopez said. “But it of course was a bullet.”

About two doors down from Otto Miller Hall’s entrance, Michaela Stewart was in a first-floor physics class with about 25 or so other students.

“It sounded like it was outside,’’ she said. “We heard a gunshot, but we were all really loud so we didn’t pay attention to it.”

After a few minutes, though, the classroom clock emitted a “loud, obnoxious beep” and flashed the word “lockdown” in red letters.

Her teacher locked the door, and they closed the blinds and turned off the lights. Her teacher told them to carry on, but they started hearing noises from the hall.

“We could hear screaming and moaning in the hallway right outside our door for quite a few minutes,’’ she said.

Some students began to pray. Stewart texted her family, telling them she was OK.

Stewart was unclear how much time passed, but said it seemed like about three minutes later when they were evacuated from the classroom.

“That’s when we saw blood on the carpet, and a guy in handcuffs, completely knocked out on the floor.”

The man was face down, she said, and appeared to be unconscious. He was wearing skater sneakers and jeans.

The students were taken, under police escort, to a bus stop across the parking lot, and then to another building.

Phone text: I’ve been shot

Elsewhere across campus, students and faculty said they heard sirens and received a mass-emergency notice via text.

“Emergency! A campus lockdown has been initiated. This is not a drill,” the text said.

Tom Lane, who works in the school of business, said he got an email and text notification of the lockdown at 3:28 p.m. — right around the time he heard emergency vehicles responding to the scene. At his office across the street and a couple buildings away, the three workers on his floor closed the blinds, locked the doors and gathered in the hallway.

SPU student Gloris Jones, 20, was walking from Otto Miller Hall with her mother, Mary Jones, who is visiting from Michigan.

Jones received a text message from a friend who said he had been shot. She sent back five or six messages to the SPU senior, but he didn’t reply.

“I don’t even know where he is,” Gloris Jones said as she hugged her mother. “And you want to make sure he’s OK.”

Lund, 19, said she was in her dorm room at Emerson Hall when she heard sirens.

“We thought that’s a lot of sirens, just for something in the neighborhood,” Lund said.

Next, she got a mass text from the school reporting the campus was on lockdown, it was not a drill and that a shooter was on campus.

Lund said she and several other people in the room locked the doors, closed the blinds and got on the floor.

“It was super-terrifying,” Lund said. “There were a lot of people crying and calling their parents.”

The group in the room remained cautious until they heard a media report that the shooter was apprehended.

Lund said her room is a short distance from Otto Miller Hall, and on the same street. But she did not see what happened, she said.

Gunshots next door

SPU student Jordan Heff was in class when he heard gunshots coming from a classroom next door.

“I was in physics and people heard a loud bang — we thought it was a science experiment. We heard crying and yelling outside our door. We walked out and there were blood stains all over the carpet.”

Max Osgood, a 19-year-old freshman from Anchorage, said he and about 25 other students were in a physics class when they heard “something that sounded like a door slam or a desk fall over.”

“And then we heard a lot of screaming that someone had been shot,” Osgood said.

When a classmate poked his head out of the classroom’s door, Osgood said, a voice from the hallway screamed, “Shut the door and lock it!”

For the next four to five minutes, Osgood and his classmates — with the doors locked and blinds pulled shut — listened to muffled screams and moans emanating from the hallway.

“We could hear people yelling about bleeding, stuff like that,” he said.

Finally, there was a bang from a back door-well. Some classmates screamed. A couple of armed Seattle cops burst through the door, leading the frightened class out of the building. Osgood and other students caught glimpses of the carnage as they went.

A bloodied girl was being loaded onto a stretcher. Carpeting was splattered in blood. And two police officers were holding down a man with black hair.

“He wasn’t moving at all,” Osgood said. “… in handcuffs, with a couple of cops kneeling on his back.”

The students were led across the street and into another building, where they were kept in lockdown for at least 45 minutes, Osgood added.

“It’s pretty rattling,” Osgood said. “And then on top of that, all of this happened right outside of classroom. It was very scary. A lot of people were freaking out. It’s just really weird. You never think anything like this will happen to you — especially after the shooting that happened at UCSB a couple weeks ago. It’s just bizarre.”

As soon as he could, Osgood said, he called his parents, his brother and his close friends in Alaska to let them know he was safe.

“I made sure I was the first to let them know what happened, so that they didn’t see it on Twitter or something.”

Violent crime is rare in the SPU area. Over the past four years, Seattle police recorded only 14 violent crimes, slightly more than three incidents a year: seven threats, six assaults and one robbery. Of the 252 incidents in the area, about 90 percent were property crimes — car prowls, auto thefts and bike thefts, police records show.

While no Seattle public schools are directly near SPU, buses returned students to some because drivers were are unable to get to their homes or after-school programs due to police road closures. Those schools were identified as Blaine, Queen Anne, Coe, John Hay.

In addition, Lawton Elementary in Magnolia was designated as a shelter-in-place as a precaution.

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Another One Dies.

Someone has just brought to me this name:  Justin Lowe.

Here is an article that, to me, describes he was being targeted.


This is what I was looking for.  Yep, he’d been being “TREATED.”


From another article:   Just like Misty Upham.. “cause of death, blunt force trauma of a fall.  See any patterns here when people are being made by those drugs to run for their lives?

“As a refresher, Lowe issued a conspiracy-filled exit letter from the group and briefly went missing. It was clear from the letter that the musician WAS NOT IN A STABLE STATE OF MIND.  In mid-July, the musician’s sister reported that he had gone missing, and on July 21 his body was found by a hiker near a Wisconsin bridge. Police reported that the CAUSE OF DEATH WAS CONSISTENT WITH A FALL.”

What is going on is purely evil.

Facebook rant from the After The Burial was taken down from Facebook.


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19 Days Without Sleep Kills

Understandably the last of February 2005 is murky.  As it was before this stated, a major adverse effect of Ambien’s is that rather than helping someone sleep it stops a person from sleeping (this is based upon assuming the person had an unknown pre existing condition.)  Whatever became my pre existing condition (if that information is even believable, because anymore nothing is) was not on Feb. 7th but was on Feb. 8th.  Well, okay.  Whatever.  I took it, had a terrible reaction that made me stumble and fall all over myself.  So that was that, right?  Wrong.

From February 8th until the end of the month I didn’t sleep.  Not one wink.  Imagine that?  No sleep for 20 days.  Yah, yah, yah, throughout the years I’ve given various numbers of days.  19 days, 21 days.  That’s because the records/exhibits were destroyed.  Well, William Kastner Law Firm has had them, too, of course.  But, I don’t have them anymore. There was at least 35 exhibits I gave that day in court to the Clerk and to Cheryl Comer, the doctors (and Multicare’ I presume) attorney from William Kastner Law Firm.  So, okay, 19, 20 or 21 days, can we spell “sleep deprivation”?  If not, here, let me show you.

From Wikipedia:  Sleep deprivation is the condition of not having enough sleep; it can be either chronic or acute. A chronic sleep-restricted state can cause fatigue, daytime sleepiness, clumsiness and weight loss or weight gain. It adversely affects the brain and cognitive function.

Here is a quick and easy article on the effects of sleep deprivation:

From  It has even been said that one could survive for three times as long without food as one could without sleep. Indeed, one of the better known experiments on this subject, found that depriving rats entirely of sleep resulted in their death, or near-dying state, within 11-32 days (Everson et al. 1989).

More on the torture of sleep deprivation:

How long can a human being survive without sleep?
Rupert Baines
write on

After 2-3 days you will start to hallucinate; after 5 days serious mental effects, and apparently you can die after ~14 days (although I don’t know references for that).

Quite horribly, though (beyond the ”Oh, I pulled two all-nighters, now I need to sleep”): Sleep deprivation is a form of torture.

After two nights without sleep, the hallucinations start, and after three nights, people are having dreams while fairly awake, which is a form of psychosis.
“By the week’s end, people lose their orientation in place and time – the people you’re speaking to become people from your past; a window might become a view of the sea seen in your younger days.
To deprive someone of sleep is to tamper with their equilibrium and their sanity.

It was a favoured torture technique of the KGB

Menachem Begin, the Israeli prime minister from 1977-83, was tortured by the KGB as a young man.
In his book, White Nights: The Story of a Prisoner in Russia, he wrote of losing the will to resist when deprived of sleep.
“In the head of the interrogated prisoner, a haze begins to form. His spirit is wearied to death, his legs are unsteady, and he has one sole desire: to sleep… Anyone who has experienced this desire knows that not even hunger and thirst are comparable with it.
“I came across prisoners who signed what they were ordered to sign, only to get what the interrogator promised them.
“He did not promise them their liberty; he did not promise them food to sate themselves. He promised them – if they signed – uninterrupted sleep! And, having signed, there was nothing in the world that could move them to risk again such nights and such days.”…

Disgustingly, it is a technique adopted by USA in Guantanamo Bay

The 2003 Pentagon Working Group Report, approved by former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, lists sleep deprivation as an approved interrogation method.…



So please don’t be too harsh on me if some things are a little fuzzy.  I went somewhere from 19 to 21 days, depending upon which day I decided I could take no more, whether it was a Friday or a Monday.  I think my (now es) husband’s days off were Sunday and Monday, so I’m going to assume I went over the edge on Friday, Feb. 25th.

I want to remind any readers that I was still in physical therapy and muscle massage therapy due to the deep tissue injuries I’d sustained in the previous July’s car wreck.  What this means is that my insurance (GEICO) was still requiring me to see the doctor every other week to gets notes from him about my progress.   If I did not get a note the treatment would stop.  What this also means is that I definitely seen the doctor  around February 21st, assuming, as I’d said, he’d given me the Ambien prescription on Monday, February 7th.    From my recollection, I believe I saw went to see him the following week of February 14th – 18th.   I am certain I went to see him the next week, February 21 – 25th, again.  I am certain by then I was expressing my concerns about not sleeping, and most certainly I was exhibiting the condition.  As I recall, the doctor’s staff was treating me like I was some type of alien from outer space.

All that aside for now, for what its worth, what was my condition?

Well, (again as far as I can remember), by February 13th, I think I was hallucinating.  I recall that evening my ex was watching football.  Looking back, it must have been the Sunday night pro bowl game. I remember standing at the kitchen sink, I suppose snacking, when I looked out to see the Columbia Tower reflecting the sun setting so that it appeared as an obelisk in flames.  I thought of Jesus,  and it seemed I was recollecting something from the Bible, about his coming.  The flame seemed ominous, a forewarning of something to come by Seattle.  2nd Thessalonians 1:8-9 warns, “In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ: Who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power.

I turned towards the television and the announcers were mocking me.  Making fun of what I’d seen, the image with light all around him above and to the right of the preacher at church when Teresa took me the previous year.  The figure in the light was now above the right shoulders of one of the announcers.  But it was different, and the announcers were laughing at me.  That blew my mind even more.

On Valentine’s Day my (now) ex had decided to take candy to my physical therapists because I had been gushing over how well they were taking care of me.  In fact, concern was being expressed for why I was not improving.  What had happened to me on the “night of the Ambien” did not occur to me.  Probably this is because I didn’t remember its happening.  I only knew from what my (now) ex had told me.  I only remembered those two segments I’ve already shared. One, his being in the bathroom doorway, the other his leaving me alone in the dark of the bedroom.  And, of course, everything from that night forward and for a long time to come, was a blur.  But he’d taken candy to the ladies, and that was kind.  I remember his face when he told me.  I think he was trying to make up for not helping me that night.  And it was a contention.  It was THE contention with me, really.  Why didn’t he call 911?  Why didn’t he get me to the hospital?  Why didn’t he help me?  The honest to God’s truth is that if he would have done something the hospital would have diagnosed the adverse reaction, and they would have done something right then and there to correct things.  Yes, his neglecting me remained a contention.   So even though his eyes implored forgiveness, in my own eyes he’d become a demon.  I’d already entered the abyss and, from that, there was no turning back.

As things were going, I was talking about my condition, though.  I am a talker.  It is what my (now) ex loved about me because he is rather quiet.  I don’t talk incessantly, usually.  But I did happy chatter.  But, not anymore.  I was not sleeping.  I really don’t remember or not if I kept taking the Ambien.  Its hard to say.  But I was talking.  I suppose people just weren’t putting 2 and 2 together.  I remember I’d told the ladies at physical therapy that I felt like I’d been up all night scrubbing around the toilet with my toothbrush.   I’d seen that in some military movie, where a soldier was ordered to clean the bathroom floor with a toothbrush.  I told my (now) ex I felt like that’s what I’ve been doing all night every night (instead of sleeping.)

I remember one evening as I left the family room I turned back to tell him I was going to bed, and for some reason he was right behind me.  Very cruelly he asked, “To go scrub the toilet with your toothbrush?”  He said it so sinister that he jerked his head  seemingly to look out the window, almost as if he was afraid someone had watched him say that.  It was very bizarre.  I didn’t know what to say or think.  I went to bed.

I think it was that night he came  into the room.  I saw him in the dark collecting up all of the prescriptions bottles that set on my nightstand.  I pretended I was asleep.  I didn’t want to talk with him.  But I wondered what he was doing.   Why was he getting into them?  Those were all of the bottles, though, of everything the doctor had given me (short of the Vioxx samples) since September/October of the previous year.

At some juncture I told him I’d seen him, and asked what he was doing.  He said he’d written a list and given it to his sister, the nurse, to tell him what they were.  I don’t know what ever came of that.

At any rate, the ladies at physical therapy were expressing concerns about my worsening condition.    My insurance company was harassing me.  I was not sleeping.  And my husband had turned into a demon.  I believed, too, my doctor was totally in love with me and taking the best care of me any doctor could.  Oh barf!  Anyway, it seemed like I kept going to his office but they weren’t helping me.  I cannot imagine what me (now) ex was thinking of my behavior.  Maybe he was, like my Godmother later told me, in shock too by it all.  Its hard to say.

What I do know is that I had to sleep and nobody was doing anything to help me.  When, on that Monday, February 21st the doctor didn’t so anything I began to realize I was going to have to take matters into my own hands. What to do? What to do? Aha!  I would try one more time to get help from my doctor.  And than if he still refused then I would drive across the country to Ohio with my things.  I knew in Ohio if my son saw my condition he would do something to help.

About this time my Mom was becoming hysterical.  She would call and whatever I was saying to her over the phone she would shout to me that I was out of my mind. She asked me what that doctor was giving me, that I was so messed up?   Later she told me that I would reply in some absurdly breathy voice that my daaahktor is the beeeest eeeeever.  I was making my Mom sick, too.

By Friday, I think it was, my plan to get out of there to find sleep had been formulated.  After me (now) ex, Don, left for work I loaded up my truck with everything I thought I would need to get by away from home.  There was my exercise ball and weights so that I could continue my physical therapy while I was gone.  I had clothes and everything packed and ready.   I went to the back and took $4,000 out of an account.  I figured that would get me there and give me some money to get by until I would return having slept.  I drove down to the doctor’s office, one more time.   They could not get me in until later in the day.  I think they scheduled me for around 11 or so.  Maybe 1, I don’t exactly remember.

From making the appointment I drove up the hill to physical therapy., which was not too far.  I must have been in pretty bad shape because instead of working me out they put me on the elliptical bike, where I peddled the whole appointment.  While I peddled I tried to figure out where I might go to take a nap.  I wasn’t going back home, because there I could not sleep.  I had in my head the problem was Don and that house.  Evil had taken over it, and maybe if I could just get to someplace that wasn’t evil, than I could take a nap.  So I decided to go to my sister’s.   Her house was only about 8 blocks from the physical therapist’s, so I would go there when I was done.  I don’t know what I was thinking, because it was a workday so my sister would be at work.  Probably I could not think anymore that far ahead.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that when I got to my sister’s, of course, she was not home and the house was locked up.  sigh……  I did not know what to do.

As I descended the steps her truck pulled into the driveway.  My sister had taken off the day, and she and my niece had been running errands.  As I stumbled up to the truck, seeing my condition, they did not get out.  Instead my sister called my Mom from her cell phone and she was telling my Mom about my condition.  I remember I was asking my niece to please just let me go into the house to lay down.  I told her I need to sleep, that I haven’t slept in along time.  I asked them to please help me get some sleep.  Somebody did let me into the house, where I went downstairs to their family room to lay on the sofa.  It wasn’t comfortable.  I tried the recliner.  It wasn’t comfortable.  I was like Goldilocks looking for a place that was just right.   A place where my body and mind could relax to sleep.   But, it wouldn’t, I wouldn’t, and I could hear my sister talking with my Mom. She was upset.  Hearing her was upsetting me.  While she talked I slipped out, and got into my truck to leave.  I would go to the Multicare’s parking lot.  It was a warm day so maybe if I parked with the sun shining on me I would fall asleep there while waiting for the appointment.  Yep, that is what I would do.

I recall being aware I was impaired.  As I drove off, down the somewhat meandering drive from my sister’s, I remember wondering if I would even make it.  I remember making it to the signal at Kent Kangley, to turn left towards the  Multicare, and that I was very happy I recognized it was red so that I stopped for it.  Every breath was difficult to take.  Right now, remembering, every breath is difficult to take.  I am horrified of the memory.

After the left turn at the light it was pretty much a straight shot to the Multicare parking lot.  Kent Kangley turned into Smith.  Multicare was on Smith and State.  I could make it.  Except, that the straight shot had another major signal.  Maybe two.  Yes, two, I think.  I don’t remember going through them, with exception to the signal at Kent Kangley and 104th.  For Kent, that was a busy intersection.   And, because it was around noontime, there would be traffic.  I absolutely, unequivocally do not know how I made it through that signal without being broadsided.  All that I remember is going through it red.  I remember as I went under the red signal thinking I had just ran that light.

Than I was at the Multicare parking lot, and there I tried to get some sleep before the appointment.